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Affiliate Program


The James St Organics Affiliate Program is a great partnership opportunity for those who love organic skincare!

Approved affiliates will receive unique links and banners that you can place on your Social Media, Blogs or Websites to direct traffic to the James Street Organics website.

Affiliates will earn a generous 10% commission every time a customer makes a successful purchase using their link.

1. Free to join
2. Commission: Earn 10% on all confirmed sales (Paid monthly)
3. Trailing commission: 30 day cookie period (See FAQ)
4. Access to creative: Easy access to branded banners in standard sizes

It’s so simple to apply for the James Street Organics Affiliate Program!
To apply, simply click through to our Affiliate Management system, Affiliatly and you will be guided through the application process.

Once approved as a James Street Organics Affiliate, all you need to do is place links, banners and/or buttons (available on the Affiliate portal once you sign up) leading to James Street Organics on your website, Facebook page or blog.

Each time a visitor makes a successful purchase by clicking from your website to James St Organics, you will earn a 10% commission.

If you have any problems with the application process or have any questions, email us at


Q: Why should I join the James Street Affiliate Program?
A: Firstly, because it’s FREE and easy to join, and gives you the opportunity to earn money from doing what you love most, talking about skin care! You will also enhance the value of your website through providing relevant ads and offers to your visitors. We provide you with all the links, banners, buttons and pictures that you'll need. You have control because you choose which links and banners you want to use on your site and where to place them. We take care of everything else: fulfilment, customer service and tracking the sales.

Q: How is my commission calculated and paid to me?
A: Our affiliate providers, Affiliaty keep a record of all or your commission and referred sales. You will be able to login to your personal panel and see your referred visits and purchases and what commission you have owing to you at any time.

Commision is paid during the first week of the month either by bank transfer or your Paypal account.

Q: What are the requirements to join?
A: To qualify for our affiliate program, your website or blog must meet the following criteria:
1. No offensive content (e.g. pornography, foul language, etc.)
2. No popup ads
3. No gambling or ads for gambling
4. No coupon/deals sites

Q: Who can I talk to if I have a question about the affiliate program?
A: Email and we will be happy to help!

Q: What is the 30 day cookie period?
A: A cookie is a small data tidbit that websites can leave on your computer so they can identify you when you come back. It’s how most major sites such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and the like can tell that you have returned and auto fill some of your login information for you, or immediately present your account and recommendations in the case of Amazon.
An affiliate cookie is the same as a regular cookie, but instead of login information, it transfers information about your affiliate account to the site in question so that you can get credit for referring a customer to that site in the case they decide to buy something.
So your affiliate cookie duration is important as an affiliate marketer as cookies eventually time-out and for all practical purposes evaporate off the persons computer that you referred to a site if they do not buy something right then and there. Most affiliate programs have cookie durations in the 30-90 day range and some (like Amazon) are as short as 24 hours.