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by Lucy Cloonan 29 May, 2017


Now gents, we hate to go all girlie on you but let's have a quick chat about skincare. Truth is a long time has passed since a man's daily routine was restricted to a soap and water kind of world.

Before you start shifting uncomfortably in your seats, we're not asking you to slather on eye cream, anoint your face in oatmeal or list the latest ingredients brought to you direct from a rare shrub found only in the deepest darkest Amazon (dot.com that is).

We just want to make a few helpful hints about caring for your greatest organ...the other one...the one that's actually your largest...

Ok we'll clarify. We're talking about your skin and why you really should help it out just a little along the way.

You're different - in a good kind of way

Research tells us men's skin tends to be oilier than women's, and you can pin that on the testosterone. More power to you, boys, but that does mean you're faced with a gender specific set of issues. This oil leaves men more likely to be prone to acne, and that makes a daily wash a must to remove any dead skin cells.

Dermatologists recommend you do once to twice a day, and we're happy to oblige with Green Tea and Ginger Extract Face Cleanser.

More time in the sun

Odds are you spend a fair bit of time in the outdoors, whether it's through work, sports, or leisure. While your skin is generally thicker than women's (possibly figuratively and literally) all this time revelling in the great outdoors means you're not off the hook when it comes to caring for your skin.

As a minimum, sunscreen is a must. Because, although you may be thick skinned, you're a little lagging in the antioxidant domain, which could mean you're at greater risk of skin cancer.

Meanwhile a little moisturiser never goes astray, especially if it's rich in those very antioxidants mentioned above and some lovely extras to promote healing like Vitamin A, C and E. Our special blend of Hemp Oil with Chia Seeds ought to do the trick.

The daily shave

A sharp instrument, scratched across your face...ouch. This is a daily necessity for all men but the cave residing variety leaves you prone to ingrown hairs, irritation and a little more acne for good measure. So show those follicles some love, boys. They've been through enough. What about a calming oil for those traumatised pores like Sesame and Shea Butter Oil?

On the bright side shaving is actually a great exfoliant, so if you notice this area of your skin tends to be more supple, soft and smooth (albeit a little cranky) then consider some exfoliating action such as our Walnut Shell and Lemon Face Polish for the rest of your face too.

The final slather

Gentleman, next time you look in the mirror at that beautiful, masculine face, show it a little love with a spot of care for your hardworking skin. There's no shame in tending to its needs when it's got to last you a lifetime. Oh and for the record, please bring your own products. We will notice when ours mysteriously go astray!

Lucy Cloonan
Lucy Cloonan


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