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Three James St Organics products that lead double lives....

by Lucy Cloonan 28 September, 2016

Three James St Organics products that lead double lives....

We love a product that does double duty - saves time, saves money and means we buy less stuff!  Here are a few of our favourite organic skin care double agents ....

Soothing Face and Body Oil
Not only a dynamic face and body duo already, James St Organic's Soothing Face and Body Oil makes a great organic shaving oil for our blokes.  Unlike soap or shaving cream, it doesn't dry or irritate the skin, and leaves it soft and well hydrated. Fragrance-free too.   How did we discover this?  Let's say we've got some bearded product thieves lurking in the bathroom....

Exfoliating Body ScrubTake a whole step out of my hectic morning routine, and I'm sold.  The Exfoliating Body Scrub with coconut sugar and orange not only sounds and smells like a gourmet dessert, the organic macadamia oil base moisturises your skin while you exfoliate.  Rinse off after a good scrub, towel dry and you are already gorgeously moisturised and good to go!

Hydrating Eye Serum
And finally, we couldn't forget to mention of our customers' favourite products, Hydrating Eye Serum with kiwifruit seed and argan oils, because this suggestion comes from some of its biggest fans.  When a face oil is as lovely and light as this one, why stop at just the eye area?  Many of our tribe use the eye serum on their entire face and skip the need for a face serum or moisturiser - genius!  It goes far too, unlike a lot of brands we don't skimp on volume when it comes to eye treatments, and a 30ml bottle lasts for ages.  Even our 'travel size' is bigger than heaps of 'full size' products out there.

Over to you, do you have a two-timing natural skin care product tip you'd like to share?  We are all ears, share your thoughts below and #wasteless #consumeless and #savemoney.

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Lucy Cloonan
Lucy Cloonan


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